Research and development

Evidensia’s research activities

Evidensia seeks to conduct research in areas of high patient benefit and on topics that we encounter regularly in our everyday work. We run research projects in different fields of veterinary medicine, many of which are collaborative ventures with external partners such as scientific institutions. This form of cooperation leads to high-quality research that generates concrete benefits for the pets and pet owners.

Clinical research is the foundation for practical medicine. The new knowledge generated by research is essential to improve diagnostics, treatment methods and medicines and central parts to deliver on our vision of healthier and happier pets.

We currently have around 20 projects of different sizes: from small studies to one- and two-year projects as well as major doctoral programmes.

Evidence based - the quest for scientific proof

We treat more than 1 million patients every year. Together they generate a wealth of knowledge and learning that enable us to benchmark treatments and results so we continue to improve diagnostics and treatment methods. Our talented specialists and our state-of-the-art medical equipment together place us at the forefront of veterinary research and development and it is from this position that we can shape the veterinary care of tomorrow.